Format: 30x4 mins
Listen on: Spotify
Genre: Comedy, pop culture
Guests: music, cinema, humor, etc.

The Promo Hotline is the first automated voice message system for all your promotional needs. No journalists needed on Allo Promo, a neurotic, playful and slightly egomaniacal, AI bot takes the reins as the interviewer.

Script and directing: Géraldine de Margerie. Production: Louis Daboussy and Benoît Dunaigre. Production manager: Nathalie Mattera. Recording and mixing: Valéry Pellegrini. Music: Kumi Solo. Original concept: Lorenzo Benedetti and Louis Daboussy.


Format: 8x20 mins
Listen on: Sybel
Genre: True Crime, documentary, news story

On May 5, 1986, 11 year-old Cécile Bloch was found raped and murdered in a residence in Paris’s 19th arrondissement. The killer, whom investigators nicknamed Le Grêlé (“the pockmarked man”), sparked an unprecedented manhunt that kept the Paris crime unit reeling for 30 years. Crime reporter Patricia Tourancheau, author of « Le 36 », takes us on her journey to capture the culprit in a thrilling audio adaptation of her eponymous book.

Host: Patricia Tourancheau. Direction: Abel Grenat. Editing: Amel Almia, Maud Benakcha, Maud Ventura, Maureen Wilson. Script: Cyrielle Bedu, Lorenzo Benedetti, Mélissa Bounoua, Maureen Wilson. Original soundtrack: Marine Quéméré. Recording: Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet, Cyrielle Bedu, Olivier Bodin, Renaud Duguet, Tristan Mazire, Maureen Wilson. Mixing: Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet, Tristan Mazire. Production: Louie Media and Paradiso with the participation of Les jours / Le Seuil and Sybel.


Format: 6x4 mins daily & 1x10 mins weekly
Listen on: Spotify
Genre: news, stories, society

The exclusive podcast of the socially conscious news and entertainment brand, Brut. Join Brut’s global audience of over 2 billion people in 57 countries in intelligent dialogue, testimonials and reports about the people and actions that change the world.

Producer: Jeanne Boëzec. Editor in Chief: Adèle Humbert. Editorial coordination: Laureen Norman. Journalists: Camille Bichler, Capucine Japhet and Raphaël Gribes Marquis. Direction and mixing: Florentin Baume and Théo Albaric. Production manager: Nathalie Mattera. Editorial direction: Laurent Lucas and Lorenzo Benedetti.